Focus Church

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The World has changed a lot since 1990 when I first became a Pastor

The world has changed but the Gospel has not.  The Kingdom of God is still open to all who believe regardless of their place in society.  Access is the same for everyone with no advantage given for race, gender, IQ, talent, strength, ability, degree or kind of sin.  All come through Jesus.

The world has changed but our Lord has not.  He is still the same God who would rather die than let His enemies die.  He is a God whose love, power, and intelligence are infinite.  The God who promised to be with us forever, carrying our burdens and showing us who we were always meant to bde.

The world has changed but our mission has not.  The Church is uniquely suited for one thing and that’s discipleship.  We are called to teach everything Jesus has taught us to everyone who will allow us.  We are called to introduce people not only to the best news they’ve ever heard but to the best person they could ever know.  The core of discipleship is not to build consensus around ideas, or press people into a shared set of behaviors or even values.  The core of discipleship is teaching people to follow Jesus where He wants to go.  

I have changed and God is responsible for that.  I’ve come to see that it is not the pastor that builds a church but the members the church.  Paul says so in Ephesians and I’ve come to see the truth in this.  Jesus is the head of the church and the members disciple each other in the grace of God.  I simply oversee this work. I do not create it, or enforce it or manipulate it.  

Focus requires saying no more often than yes.  Churches tend to say yes to too many things and the one thing we are called to suffers.

Our church is called “Focus Church” to remind us to stay focused on Discipleship, and to emphasize to others the extreme single-mindedness of our task.

1. Discipleship is best done in Grace-filled, Spirit-lead communities of faith, rather than by individuals. Churches have typically emphasized one-to-one discipleship and one-to-many discipleship and these have their place, but the emphasis in scripture and the most organic approach is many-to-many discipleship.  Focus Church is heavily small group-centric providing a space for the Grace of God to do the work of discipleship through people serving people with their gifts.

2. While most churches understand the value of small groups, Focus Church is all about the small groups. We typically have about 10-20 times as many people in groups as we do in our Sunday gathering and the accountability, resources, energy, and training that most churches give to their Sunday service, we instead provide for our small groups.

3. At Focus we seek

…to make the church the best place to ask the most important questions

…to make everyone’s journey a little easier today by a kind word, a simple service, a stewardship of God’s Grace

… to facilitate many-to-many discipleship, rather than merely discussion

…unity of faith rather than unanimity of thought and action

…to embrace our life circumstances as God’s curriculum

…shared devotion to Christ over devotion to Focus

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