David’s Story

I spent much of my childhood, as many of us do, trying to understand where I fit.

As part of this pursuit, I invested much time in many seemingly useless talents: amateur magic, unicycle riding, juggling… Since running away and joining the circus didn’t really seem to be a good idea, particularly as I wasn’t really good enough at any one of these talents, I continued to pursue a place where I belonged. Suffice it to say, none of these unusual talents did anything towards helping me fit in better with my peers! What did make a difference, however, was when I entered high school and God began to impress on me that His love for me, and the sacrifice of His Son at the cross, was not to be taken merely as theology, but as something which had great personal application for me!

In High School I was extremely quiet, speaking only to very close friends, thinking it safer to not talk then to risk being misunderstood.

When I went to the University of New Mexico I determined to find a church where I could hide in the back, nobody would challenge me to anything greater, and I would never have to speak of my convictions or faith.

Somehow I ended up in the Great Commission Church student group and God chuckled.

I have spent much of my adulthood, as many of us do, trying to understand where I fit.

In that pursuit, somehow the boy who hated to speak and was determined to remain hidden became  a pastor who delights in the word of God so much that he relishes the opportunity to find ways to communicate it,.

However, I still fear being misunderstood and I still share that same sense of not quite fitting in anywhere.  I have come to understand that it’s a universal feeling, born of the fact that we are not home, but on a journey.  A journey I’d rather share with you, then walk alone.

In 1989 I was extremely blessed to marry my college sweetheart and together we’ve raised seven kids:  five homegrown, and two we’ve adopted from Ethiopia.

I have spent most of my Pastoral career, as many of us do, trying to understand where I fit.

In 2008, after pastoring at RWCC for 18 years, I planted a church called Lifesong with a group of adventurous pioneers to whom I will always be grateful.  Five years later we closed our doors, but not before each of our hearts were entwined, our lives were changed, our paradigms shifted forever and our God’s goodness, power and wisdom vindicated.

Since Lifesong closed, God has lead me into a ministry coaching and serving pastors helping them see how their church fits in God’s cosmic plan 

I’ve come to realize two things along the way.  One is that we aren’t truly designed to fit here.  We are eternal beings made for eternal things, merely passing through this world on an important but temporary visit.

Second, I’ve come to realize that part of where I fit is to take the skills and experience God has granted me and to pass this on to other pastors.  That’s why this phase of my journey is Discipleship Matters, a ministry of support serving pastors with coaching and other training and support. Currently I’m contracted by the Baptist conference of New Mexico to coach new curch planting pastors, but remain free and active coaching any pastor of any denomination who is interested in making disciples for Jesus. I  If you are a pastor, love a pastor, or are unsatisfied with the level of discipleship in your community, contact me and let’s customize a plan, because discipleship matters.