The last two chapters ave been removed as the entire story is now available on iBooks or Amazon. 2.99 for the digital version. Hard copy arriving soon through Amazon.


  1. I think I am going to go back to Number 1 and start over, printing it all out and reading at once. I want to see all the pieces (people) again, and get a better understanding, Cannot wait til the last wrapup is done !

    1. I did that as I finished up to be sure there were no glaring inconsistencies. I hope this last piece wasn’t too confusing. It was hard to get it all in without being boring exposition. Supposed to be a sort of denoument with the “detective” explaining everything. Hopefully it works and you’re going back for interest and not cause you’re lost:-)

  2. This story is amazing! I really love how the characters are evolving. Can’t wait for the last episode to see how is all come together.

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