On second thought…

In today’s blog, I was going to write a grumpy post about the Department of Motor Vehicles in Rio Rancho.  I was going to clothe it in some sort of helpful post for anyone who didn’t actually want to run their business in the most stressful inducing way ever.  I would have been self effacing and acknowledge that two days after my final Lifesong sermon in which I shared about being kind to a server during a particularly slow California Pizza Kitchen experience,  I found myself getting irritable with a DMV employee who was in no way responsible for the policies and procedures which make it necessary to almost always make a minimum of two trips to the DMV to accomplish any one thing.

I was going to blog about all that in, of course, witty, eloquent and snarky ways, but then I decided…

No.   I don’t want to be the grumpy blogger.

So while I figure out if there really is anything worthwhile to say about that experience, I leave you instead with one of my favorite videos reminding us that we don’t always know what impact we are having in someone else’s story.

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