Herbie, the Love apostle

Remember Dean Jones?

For Many years he was a Disney Staple, most notably in the original Herbie the Love Bug series.  Turns out he’s also a devout Christian who starred in a one man show called St. John in Exile.  It’s really a good piece of acting with Dean Jones switching between Peter, Jesus, John, Thomas and host of other Biblical characters.  There’s a depth and reality to his portrayal which I really enjoy.  The writing is pretty good too, humorous, moving, interesting.  Pieces of history, tradition and scripture are skillfully woven throughout the movie.

It’s not a perfect show, and it’s not likely to be as interesting to those who don’t share my faith, but for Christians it’s definitely worth a look.

Tonight, as we began First John in our Chronological Study it seemed a good place to start, so we watched that.  That means, for you podcast listeners, no podcast.  But check this out, you can buy the movie from Amazon!51v4-LCzs4L

He also founded something called the Christian Rescue Committee which is committed to rescuing Christians and Jews who are being persecuted for their faith.

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